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Our SEO process

Let's break down the details in 3 parts

step 1.

On page SEO

Integrately creates integration pages for thousands of SaaS companies. We found that we had a special advantage with Integrately, so we implemented a strategy which focuses on aggregated traffic from multiple low volume pages.

We meticulously worked on internal linking, sitemap, page speed, mobile friendliness etc. and ended up creating the most optimized website (very important)

step 2.

Content Marketing

They don't say "Content is King" for nothing. We wanted to rank for as many relevant keywords as possible. To boost ranking of those thousands of keywords, required us to write content endlessly.

We started with 15 articles a month and scaled it gradually until we had created a source of native traffic.

step. 3

Link Building

We had created the hundreds of articles in a clustered structure. The corner stone article in every cluster required link juice to further help all the related articles rank along with itself.

So we started building expensive but high quality links from high DA websites. We weren't going after quantity. Few good ones did the job.


We created a simple prioritization plan. Came up with a most SEO friendly website structure and divided our SEO efforts in 3 parts:

1. Hyper Optimizing the pages
2. Creating valuable content at scale
3. Building quality links on content clusters

Key Metrics

Some important numbers that our efforts helped deliver

100 +
10 k
700 +
New Customers
1200 +
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